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01 Seafood Dinner

The feast at O1 cordinally invited by Jim from his “little” wealth and for a little gathering for the 151-ers. Photos and video tells all words.

Me thought the Nature Parks’ Seafood wasn’t as fantastic but it was quite good and was worth all the cents paid. Lobsters, abalone, crabs, Soon Hock…and my favourite the OOo Ni! and didn’t realized it was Hwa who requested for the style and way of cooking of the dishes individually and it was superior and excellent. So Hwa was quite a food person himself…. Another side of him, don’t see him quiet quiet hor. The total damage came to S$1300, including the beers…. Most of us arrived at the dinner at 730pm but the host was told 830pm and so, I was so famished, (and actually for those who were there early, hungry also lor) that we ordered some snacks before the host came… chicken wings and chicken feet.. then the me was quite half full even before the dinner started.

The Various dishes that we had and had kept for the late comers.. the cheek-ers had it displayed like one of the cold dishes..

The great actor, of the Ahbeng

Video one of the dinner… check the man in black, the joker.. was aiming at the him all the time, si bay spontaneous the joker of the century, Uncle Rick!

Video two of the dinner… Man paying for the feast. Damage done to his wallet S$1000 for the seafood.. and see how many times the “words” repeated by Uncle Heng..

Thanks to Jimmy for the dinner. It was the thought. .trying to share his joy with his friends.

Link Album:- July 2007 Album

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