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12 LOTUS – quite entertaining to me. at least not showing rubbish or magic in 881.

Extracted from the buddhistchannel.tv

“””” Inspired by a real life incident, there is a scene where the deeply disturbed Lianhua holds on to her Guanyin image and falls asleep. When she awakes, she discovers the head broken. In distraught desperation to “save the saviour”, she runs onto the streets to find someone to “heal” her. Someone eventually helps to repair the image. Related, is a somewhat controversial scene, where Lianhua visits a salon to wash the Guanyin image’s “hair”. While some might see this as a tasteless or blasphemous “joke”, “Guanyin” smiles on gently and compassionately, seemingly with acceptance and understanding of Lianhua’s plight.

If Guanyin really resided within the image, would she mind? Probably not – for Lianhua was sincere, albeit not in her perfectly right frame of mind. The hairdresser played along too, without laughing at her. Perhaps, Guanyin miraculously manifested the breaking of the head, so as to urge the traumatised and reclusive Lianhua to step outside her house. Perhaps, the ones who eased her mind by repairing and washing the image were Bodhisattvas in disguise too. Perhaps, the boy whom Lianhua nurtured since young, who cared for her in return, was a Bodhisattva too. Perhaps, Guanyin already manifested in many ways for Lianhua. “””””


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