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""15"" night Mei Dinner – yung xiao

Then the last night over at Uncle’s Kiat’s house for his yearly New Year Dinner that had the restaurant cooked in a Van over at his garden!

This year me and Aunt Chia didn’t get tip top high.. instead was Uncle Kiat’s friend and our uncles. Another round of “YU Sheng”””

This the Mobile Restaurant name. The service and staff were quite polite and food was not too bad..

There were a total of 6 tables this year. Doesn’t seem alot but to do a count, would have at least 60 people in Uncle Kiat’s house garden

Uncle Kiat’s fortune pond – 8

numerous of Yu Sheng we had this Lunar New Year… this Yu Sheng comes with Abalone!

“Buddha was over the other side of the wall when the other side was cooking a soup dish.. it was so delicious smelling and the fragrance was simply overwhemling… , Buddha jumped over the wall to see source of the aroma..””

what is the AK doing? getting some old Hennessy XO to togo…

we had 2 pots of Buddha jumped over the wall.

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