• Serena Tan

19 Aug 2020 |

Thirak passed his test. Yes. I think i more anxious than him. But all praise and thanks to The LORD too.

♡ 1 of my prayers ticked.

Then after sending Dad to Dialysis we went to Sengkang hospital to visit our Niki girl. As usual, the carpark didn’t had very good signage and Mom and I walked quite a bit to Niki”s ward. And we were stucked like 15 mins at the lobby waiting and trying to register our Nric when the doctor called.

NIKI can be discharged and thanked the Lord once again for the doctor’s verdict. Wasn’t that serious and her gut wasn’t absorbing iron too well. And we need to monitor in 2 weeks time. But how 👏 wonderful, it wasn’t something major issue.

We got Niki home, bought a braised duck, and went to pick Dad.

Hasn’t been a while since I was out walking like I did today and I was totally exhausted.

But it was worth the exhaustion.

♡ 2 of my prayers ticked.

Thank you Jesus.🤗

#family #family2020

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