• Serena Tan

1st & 2nd Lunar New Year Day


Over at AK’s family round and round, but just around this area..

Grandmas' with the grandkids'

Back in the noon, and we had the aunty chia, my Cousin Rebecca n Uncle Lam over for dinner.

my cousin and uncle

the Parents did the cooking this round.

Home Cooked Food

Daddy’s abalone chicken soup

Home Cooked Food by Dady

and the ladies came over. Surprise!

and the Gals over in the late evening

and on the 2nd lunar new year day…

Nikki get to eat some buns for the Lunar new year.

Buni for the Niki Boy

our Goodies table

and we had Dennis and Bolimo over in the afternoon, for a short while before the Boon’s came over.

AK’s GodKids so grown up……..LIAO…


Ak's God Son and God Daughter.

Funny boy

'Smiles" alike and pretty.. from the same factory.

Hyperactive boy

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