• Serena Tan

1st Day of Lunar New Year

My 1st Day of Lunar New year,

Without my parents at home, while they are residing in the hospital for further investigation! The only visitation I had this 1st day of the Lunar 2008 was to the AK’s mother’s place and after which we came home to nap before going to the hospital to visit the Daddy!

Mummy was super daze by the time we arrived home to get her packing for the China Trip the next day. Poor Daddy had to forfeith the trip for further tests and scope in the hospital. The best we could do was to fix up the dinner, heated up the already-cooked new-year-food and had simple to eat.

Nevertheless we left the Mummy to sleep and left for 156 and since it was still closed, plan B to Boat Quay …

While in the hospital, I was famished, we walked down to arab street to find non-appetizing food, arab malay kind of Indian food! not offending anyone, personally for me, i never could acquire a taste for it!

after we realised that 156 was never going to open for the night, we made our way to Boat Quay at 11pm. Definately, the obvious is seen below, location.

We left sooner than we thought when the boss of the seafood was a little high on the alcohol called Martell! BEER can lor Brandy is no no!

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