• Serena Tan

1st Samuel Chapter 1

I cannot recall whether it was 1.5 months ago or about 2.5 months ago when I realized that after all the gynae checks I had, that my possible chance of conceiving would be very minimal.

So during that period, I was thinking about the suggestion by the gynae of IVF but considering the chances are only 20% success rate and our financial status, it could not even be a thought in our head.

So during then I didn’t exactly prayed about my condition, in fact, I was more focus in my praying to the Lord about matters I know, we all were urgently grave about. So ..

I think it was after the fallopian tube test, that test that nearly killed me, that test, that I asked the Lord to take that pain that the test has caused me, away, that evening. My computer was on during then and after I prayed, and came back to the computer, there was this bible chapter 1st Samuel chapter 1 on the computer.

It’s amazingly, I can’t tell how it just POP out in the computer like that, anyway, I might have accidentally click on some icons or whatever. But in my years of using this computer, it never once pop out. And if i did accidentally click on the bible icon, then out of so many chapters in the BIBLE, had this chapter at chapter 1 to appear in front of me is amazingly too.

We probably had a bible application in the computer which in my years of using the computer never seen it or use it or had it POP up by itself like that. But that evening, during my pain from the tube test, this chapter POP up, a straight chapter 1, 1st Samuel in front of me. Just like a word document.

so you can imagine how amazed i was.. especially after reading the POP OUT chapter 1st SAMuel chapter 1.

And nobody was home then. Nobody was home when I switched my computer on and left it afterwards for a prayer with the Lord.

When I read the POP out chapter displayed on the computer 1st SAMUEL chapter 1, I went further to check how in the world did this chapter pop out from in the computer. i had no idea.

I don’t know until now but I read it over and over and over again. and after reading, i was a little taken aback, that how the story relates so closely to me,. the story had the dart nail on the bull’s eye.. hemm..

and then i was asking, what was God trying to tell me then? i didn’t understand during then. and during then, I asked Him if this meant to be something, a work or something to Him.

And told Thirak afterwards about it. At first I thought twice about telling him, but I told him a few days later.

The thing was I was thinking whether to blog it to post this post during then, then I refrain from posting. Thinking probably I would wait until much later but today, I felt I could post this anyhow already. I didn’t post it at first, when I know I should have. Then again, I think I needed to see the timing was right. I think its right now…

And so I did.

And so its kinda costly to go through the test over and over again, and I probably have to go through another surgery sooner, lots of consultation and I’m glad I have arranged all during these 2 nonpeak months. And then, we would just leave it to the Lord if a baby for us would be good then.

then maybe the whole incident would fall into place..


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