• Serena Tan

20 Aug 2020

2020 is probably the worst year I have been in.

And yet again I hear about the news of our merger this time on us. Its not promising and everything seems to fall apart, for me and for us.

So I wondered what the Lord has for me in store for me going forward. What can I do? Suddenly I felt useless.

I know its competitive out there.

I had my episodes and my struggles through out beginning of 2020 and I was beginning to come out of it, after so many months…

Then in the middle of my struggles there were Covid 19. We struggled and pressed on month after month compiling documents and doing tons of submissions to the authorities as LON work came to a halt. After 3 months finally we could start work but financially we are already struggling.

Then i had a car accident with my favourite snoopy car.

Then our Niki girl issues, and my bff was in stage 1 cancer.

And now I at the fence of my career.

2020 I don’t like. But I prayed to the Lord everyday that He will tide and carry me and Thirak over this crisis too. And not just us, I pray for my and thirak family, and our friends our bff too that the Lord will carry us over and that we get over this crisis, our crisis.

Thank you Lord


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