• Serena Tan

2007 ASEAN Football Championship – Thais & Sing

Was it so shameful for Singapore to cheer and clap like its their rightful win in the 2007 ASEAN Football Championship round with Thailand while it WAS OBVIOUSLY A “KELONG” by the referee when the Thai DIDN”T EVEN GIVE A pull TO SINGAPORE PLAYER and yet a penalty was given. The TV kept repeating the PENALTY “part” and it was obviously a FUCKING HELL OF A MISTAKE by the referreeee… Malaysian referee C. Ravichandran

All cheers to Thais for staying off the field for a mere 10mins, I must say it was courageous and a united team of Thai Football players. This tells a word “UNITED”!

ANd I must say it was embarrassing when actually it’s the REFERREE at fault and our Singaporeans are there shouting and booing the Thais when they refuse to continue their game. shouldn’t it be a FAIR GAME! Wrong is wrong, right is right ? what the fuck is the referee up to? Even WORST! from our screen, IT WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT THE FAULT OF THAIS AND when Singapore took the penalty, and it ACTUALLY WENT IN (like it won’t lor), they jumped for joy and cheers! (please la, PENALTY sure go in wan ma! Cannot go in meh? Cheers what ? it was not supposed to be a penalty. Shouldn’t it be shameful to have even taken it, where is the fair play?)

Ok lor, so the Thais lost but at least they lost in a righteous way not having to concede to the referee doing and at least a protest was given. CHEERS TO THAIS!

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