• Serena Tan

2009 Christmas Company Dinner Fine Dining

The Christmas Dinner so kindly arranged by Esther last Friday was at the Fine Dining Frenchie Restaurant.

But first, I tested the camera at the office. this is the place where i spent 3/4 of my day in everyday other than weekdays.

at the Fine Dining French Restaurant, there

were more wine glasses among us than food.

But it was good! the company chat laugher and nonsense

we had that night.

This is the pigeon which is one of the appetizers.

and the little baby sunshine eggie!

Nope of course i gave this appetizer away

another appetizer the bamboo shoots with crabie soup & scalop.

thumbs up for renewal

the number of glasses the table used was a total of 60 glasses.

6 different wines , so every bottle had to place a new glass individually

200 days beef

then we headed home before midnight

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