• Serena Tan

2010 D&D at AbsinThe

This year’s D&D was at Absinthe, over at Bukit Pasoh Road.

with our arrival in the wrong ROOM, after having to climb to the 3rd storey with dungeons and several dungeons made along the way.

the room was too big, way too big and after a quick while, the staff realised we were in the wrong room, however with our Endurance Menu on the table.

In the wrong Room

All nicely placed in the wrong room

Time to move to other ROom

The Menu for the evening

the 1st course, Scallop Fresh Scallopssssssssss

With White Wine to follow

Foie Gras.

Fish as my Main DIsh while some others had US Beef.

Absinthe, alcohol content of 72%! we had a small glass each

Absinthe with water



Assorted CHEESEEEEEEESssssssss. some were really unbearable..

Ripple tart that were SUPER super sweet. i can't take it.

and here at Endurance. for our Christmas Dinner and Drinks!

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