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28 weeks later & Eternal Summer

The reviews: as per my sentimentsssss….

28 weeks later: –

“” What I loved most: when the survivors try to be the real survivors w/o gettng the infection What I really hated: they bomb the whole area but still the infected get to run away…from britain to paris (???) overall the story is excellent. For me its the best movie i’ve watched. the infected are very scary. I did scream when they rushed into the cottage, buildings and when they try to eat the people & make them as one of them. The saddest part is when u know that both of ur parents are one of them. Then, ur father attacked u. That is sad. Try to stay alive w/o being infected…IS VERY VERY HARD. “”

Last week: –

The reviews: as per my sentimentsssss…. “” Pretty Gay Movie by animeotk on 10/05/2007 1 of 3 people found this review helpful What I loved most: The Cute Guys What I really hated: The Very Extra Woman The guys were really cute though even though they seemed a little stiff. The chemistry could have been better considering that they were supposed to be childhood friends. The film like most of the other asian films had a very forgettable score. It was not very outstanding, rather ordinary shots and editing and rhythm. I was rather irked by the censored sex scene though. The one and only sex scene between the two guys. Sad. Apparently, the full version wasn’t really graphic either so I don’t get the reason why a movie with an R21 rating would censor a very non-exposed sex scene… Granted, homoerotic. But still… “”

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