• Serena Tan

2nd day of Sleepness Night

This noon we went to meet Jessica Kaur for luncheon. It was far, a 15 mins walk but it was nice to see her after so long, after she left the company for a while…

So it was update time, not to mentioned nonsensical Gossips time!

Funny, last night me and the AK tossed and turn for the 2nd night in a row, with a real good sleep and it was frustrating enough not having proper sleep with the nose being occasionally blocked with water…

Then I started dreaming,.. I dreamt I had one day to study for my examinations,… whatever it was, and I was anxious… Frantic and paniky! Wonder what is the meaning leh!

And when you realized that you about to get a good sleep, it is always at 7am and I was so darn sian!

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