• Serena Tan

3 things I learnt

Name 3 things you’ve learned this week, and what you took from them. – I learnt to love my parents more. I had an awful dream around this week that caused me to lose my closeness with them.. and I felt awful in the dream. I was glad that it turned out to be a dream when I awoke.

– I learnt that play hand games, number games in coffeeshop is better than gossiping and talking nonsense that we might communicate wrongly at times. Except, games caused us to consume a lot more liquor.

– I learnt that when the AK is ill, he looks blur blur and sleepy but still is

accommodating and tolerance. Accommodating to watch a movie and do

shopping with me despite he’s body not feeling too good …

But also we get to rest early and sleep more.

– and i learnt i should get Yvonne and Helen for makan … (but when?)

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