• Serena Tan

3 things meme

Three Things That Scare Me: – worms, snakes, eels… – betrayal – real life chopping up people stories

Three People Who Make Me Laugh: – tau tao kau imitated by the darling AK – myself when I speak wrongly and pronounce wrongly – helen when she is drunk … Three Things I Love: – Shopping in Bangkok….. – SLEEPING … – cleaning up our space

Three Things I Hate/Severely Dislike: – people who act sincere and BACKstab you so very much – the Thailand crisis its in now………………… – myself for unable to lose my orange peel and fats Three Things I Don’t Understand: – why the recession is in the recession now…. – why the natural catastrophe when God is in charge? – why I am so feeble and tired all the time..

Three Things On My Desk: – disc playing cum radio blasting SOFTly – photos – Liang Tea I just bought at the 4D shop… (smirk)

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now: – the obvious – thinking about Mummy’s later operation – filling my stomach with Liang Tea

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die: – I want to have lots of EXTRA EXCESS $$$ – I want to be able to help people, not all people, the people in the lower sector – I want to travel to Dubai & Paris Three Things I Can Do: – try to be there when my loved ones are stress/down/frustrated – work and save my cash as much as possible – pray to the Lord

Three Things I Can’t Do: – buy a chanel bag (a real chanel baggie) – taking my loved ones pain & frustration away – be magically inclined (better than the 10brothers)

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To: – God’s love – the news everyday – elder and your loved ones Three Things You Should Never Listen To: – satan – momentarily pleasure – people when they are drunk. They never remember what they promise.

Three Things I’d Like To Learn: – cook – BE patience and sweet – forgiving

Three Favorite Foods: – CRABSSSSSSSSSSS – ebi tempura & rice (EBI) – fish soup, fish rice

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid: – the awakening – sesame street (holidays…) – adam cheng fighting show (duno title liao)

Three Things I Regret: – my parents and my time together is shortening – NOT KNOWING THE DARLING AK EARLIER – being so spendthrift in the past…. (sigh) Coming up, more 3 things

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