• Serena Tan

4Bia is linked!

Did you know for those who had watched the movie that the 4 stories are somehow linked together:

“While the 4 stories above appear to be isolated, the chronology of the events are: a) Story 3 (“In the Middle”). One of the teenagers’ name is Ter. b) Story 4 (“Last Fright”). Ter is mentioned as the brother of Pim’s colleague and fellow stewardess, Tui (not seen in movie) who could not accompany the flight as her brother had drowned. c) Story 1 (“Happiness”). The girl with the broken leg is seen reading the online news about the Princess’s death. d) Story 2 (“Tit for Tat”). The image we see of the curse is the image of the girl with the broken leg who had died with her eyes open.””

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