• Serena Tan

5 things to meme

the 5 things meme.

I’m supposed to reveal five things you don’t necessarily know about me, and then tag five others who should do the same.

No.1 —

I talk to my tau tao all the time, everyday, when i wake up and he talks to everyone that sees him.. he talks all the time, and i mean ALL THE TIME as long as both of us are together…..

No.2 — I like washing clothes, i washed OUR clothes by hand, and SPIN them in the machine if the load is too much. i does washing and ironing at least 2x a week. Sometimes lazy …. but basically, I don’t mind doing it. Its not a chore to me…woa woa

No.4 — I don’t take breakfast. or you could say I hardly take breakfast and its during the weekends I take breakfast with darling AK and the parents. And i can’t eat much at breakfast, because i take 2-3 hours to completely be open to food when i wake up, so .. that why i can’t eat much when i wake up in that 1 hour… I think its just me or my body.. its weird too…

Not considering part time working at Northpoint during the Poly Holidays… for 2 season. me station at Northpoint, Helen stationed at Centrepoint..

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