• Serena Tan

6 pieces of small crayfish, cut into half,

Last night at 151, we joked about getting Den-sie to marry in order to obtain the S$50k grant for the first timers couple + nearby the parents house. And he got pretty excited after that, the joke of 151 always..

miss the 151 group though,,…. but i was so damn tired last night…. but they are fun people though….

on the other NOTE:-

6 pieces of crayfish, cut into half, how do you expect the price to be? S$20 for 6 pieces, and 2 big ones the rest kinda smaller in size for a coffeeshop ruin down, coffeeshop? Is it reasonable ? if the charges are for the house, its okay, the charges are CHARGED accordingly to WHO, the person who orders…. And the price is raise or lower accordingly to your face?

Will you buy that ? the coffeeshop XI ZHA! so sad the way its treating…people….tsk tsk

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