• Serena Tan

7th month dinner at Aljunied.

The family had the 7th month dinner at Aljunied. There was a bit comical about the dinner.

The men started the auction, 3auctions on and on and on screaming and getting excited. But forgot to q the waitress to serve the first dish.

There we were weak and hungry, hungry humans!


Then had 2 screamers.

I screamer was super good, screaming the numbers and trying to link the good luck and best wishes to the auction stuff and numbers. LOUD AND CLEAR!


两百 ,两百 our ears almost went deaf! SO LOUD!

The other screamer, weak like anything, voice flat and was going out of voice, 走音 . Its not that we were mocking, its hilarious!


两百 ,两百

Then it went off. Blackout. No sound no lights. …..


….took a while to restore and the screaming continued!

very scary this month with the 7th month dinner

cause its EATING! eating and eating nonstop

constantly eating the same food..

Fried Chicken,

Steam Fish especially!

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