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7th MOnth Dinner at Bishan 1stSept2007

The 7th month Dinner at Bishan the Bus people gathering.,,… on the 1st Sept 2007 last Saturday… the 151s were in 2.5 tables something like that la. Then the MARY teh with 2 tables too over the middle area away far away from us. many many bids,,, but eh the 151s… table with the liquor bids the most lor 3 1litre MARTELLS 1 GORDEN bleu 1 3litre MARTELLS 1 VSOP… that’s about my memory can bring me….

Florence entertaining, eat at this table, then to her own table, then to Nikki’s table,,,,,….

The first MARTELL 1litre AK bid, followed by YONG, Kelvin ,,,, then Jimmy….


AK and the Rick

Heng and HIS SON,…

towards the end of the dinner VIDEO CLIP when everyone is high…. HWA HWA HWA ahhhh……………???!!!!!!

————————————————————————————– Then continue 2nd hangout, to the club in our highness ….

Rick singing:-

then went crazy

Paiseh liao lor

Rick-ise singing Video clip with all his might and emotions….. hahaha

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