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Ooi! Jay chow in Town, and Yeng Yeng told me about it but I didn’t have even the time to track his path so I missed it this time. No concert only appearing at the Dragon fly which I doubt I can even get near.. especially on the special occasion, I might be cramped and pushed right to the rubbish chute.

The airport is already so bloody packed with his fans and non-fans to take a glimpse of him, how like that? Me no doubt stand no chance to even take a binoculars to peep! Forget it. I shall not go on a wild goose chase.. so disappointing.

How did we have an idol inside? That is so humans. To see and be near someone so famous, our idols. Just like that Jacky Cheung. Attending is concert is the most we can, that we can say that is our nearest with him. JACKY!

And how did I admired and come to embrace his songs , this many years?

I avidly recalled the days when I was in Primary school I was so blur and “TU” and kept away that I didn’t even hear Cantonese and Chinese songs except those oldies English that were constantly rewinded by my Dad. So in school, when the schoolmates were exchanging their idols and dreams, I stood there not knowing what the HELL are they talking about and I pretended I knew.

LAO TA WAH was the pop then, and the mates idolized him so crazily then cum Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok. Soon then, when I was in the school mates exchanging time, they wanted me to have an idol and I didn’t have one then. Everyone gets to keep only one IDOL each.

KPO-ly, one of them suggested I take Jacky Cheung since Jacky cheung was not POP then and nobody seems to like him at that time and nobody had him as an idol so he was pushed to me. so I follow my schoolmates lor, so that can chat the same frequency! We had to collect photos and hear his songs and exchange the collections once a week or a month. (cannot remember lah), with each other and I grew to love JACKY CHEUNG songs accidentally… and up to now, he has became more famous and his songs is always known by everyone. Jacky Cheung, since my idol,.

Not wrong choice right…

四大天王 慶祝香港回歸祖國十周年文藝晚會 2007

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