• Serena Tan


We were just laying on the bed watching the trailers and adver when they were promoting 张栋梁 Nicholas Teo’s concert and I always liked his songs, so jokingly was asking if the AK would go with me to the concert.

Then last afternoon, while waiting for my facial, Aunty Mary had pushed it futher to 530pm, the AK and I walked in and out of Junction 8. No foot Massage, all FULLY booked. Then we watched the 100.3 Fm doing a Beautiful Mother’s semi-finals. Then we CAME ACROSS

张栋梁 !

Not clear of course, i was so far off, standing on the plant tiny parapet,

under the hot sun!

And i took a video of his singing.

Can hear cannot See properly lor..He Sounded good!

IT was minus one of course!

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