• Serena Tan


a bit too much right,. the concert tickets front seats have all been taken up and we like queue for almost an hour at sistic with no hopes since internet didn’t offer much help. But come back to square one, same block far far away. the good thing is we get to choose the seats only.

Sigh!! but phew. lucky buy now not if not delay further, see ants only.

A36! see la, he laughing at us for donating to him.

2007 在你身邊 By Your Side Mandarin 2005 雪.狼.湖 Snow.Wolf.Lake Mandarin 2005 Jacky活出生命Live演唱會 Jacky Live Concert Performance Cantonese 2004 黑白畫映 Black & White Mandarin 2004 Life Is Like A Dream Life Is Like A Dream Cantonese 2002 他在那裡 Where He Is. Mandarin 2001 學友熱 Jacky Fever Mandarin 2001 天下第一流 The First Cantonese 2000 Touch Of Love Touch Of Love English 1999 有個人 Someone Cantonese 1999 走過1999 Running Through 1999 Mandarin 1998 不後悔 No Regret Mandarin 1998 釋放自己 Release Yourself Cantonese 1997 雪.狼.湖 Snow.Wolf.Lake Cantonese 1997 不老的傅説 The Undying Legend Cantonese 1997 想和你去吹吹風 Wana Go For a Walk With You Mandarin 1996 忘記你我做不到 How Could I Forget You? Mandarin 1996 愛與交響曲 Love and Symphony Cantonese 1995 過敏世界 Sensitive World Cantonese 1995 擁友 Possession Mandarin 1995 真愛新曲+精選 True Love compilation Mandarin 1994 偸心 Steal Your Heart Mandarin 1994 這個冬天不太冷 A Warm Winter Cantonese 1994 餓狼傳説 Born to be Wild Cantonese 1993 祝福 Blessing Mandarin 1993 吻別 The Goodbye Kiss Mandarin 1993 等你等到我心痛 Painfully Waiting For You. Cantonese 1993 我與你 Me and You Cantonese 1992 愛・火・花 Love・Fire・Flower Cantonese 1992 真情流露 True Love Expression Cantonese 1991 愛你多一些精選 Love You More- Selected Collection Cantonese 1991 一顆不變心 A Never Changing Heart Cantonese 1991 情不禁 Uncontrolled Passion Cantonese 1990 張學友的初戀故事・似曾相識 Somewhere In Time Mandarin 1990 夢中的你 Dreaming of You Cantonese 1989 祇願一生愛一人 You Will Always Be My Love Cantonese 1989 絲絲記憶情歌精選 Memories-Selected Collection Cantonese 1989 給我親愛的 For My Dearest Cantonese 1988 意亂情迷 Crazy for You Mandarin 1988 昨夜夢魂中 Dream In Grief Cantonese 1987 在我心深處 Deep In My Heart Mandarin 1987 張學友 JACKY Jacky Cheung JACKY Cantonese 1986 情無四歸 Homeless Love Mandarin 1986 相愛 In Love Cantonese 1985 Amour 遙遠的她 Amour She is Afar Cantonese 1985 Smile Smile Cantonese

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13 Sept 2021

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