• Serena Tan


The morning at Raffles station, at the pathway was men men men delivery men holding bouquets and bouquets of flowers, roses to be sent! Aiyo, and during lunch, the little students all selling stalks of roses, expensive I supposed! And Vans parked at the side lane of Raffles Place where tons of roses were kept.

As what I said last year, never understand flowers. Use cannot use, bring home, waste space,. After the flowers dry up, do what? DRY FLOWERS? All the dust to be accumulated and then petals drop, make your room dirty. Aiyo.. so THE ROSES / flowers are only good for a DAY la!

Then me and ah Fa nearly got the “FREE HUGS” by channel news asia. Thank goodness we managed to “siam” in time lor. The free hugs given by so “ok” girl only la and the camera will like shoot you lor. Si bay funny! Many guys kana the “free hugs” and was captured alive.

And Radio keep playing couples Love songs…..

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