• Serena Tan


The offices that we rented had a big flood apparantly a week ago, and the staff had to come back during the weekend to clear the flood. Apparantly there was a big leakage from the washing sink and somehow leak flood until, the floor a level down had almost the ceiling collaspe on them.

Its been almost 1 week, we couldn’t washed our cups spoons, the aunty had to use another spare pantry squeezing herself into the small washing area to wash for us. And its reali far away.

Its not the issue.

The issue is we are inconvenience!

The issue is when they called the plumber last weekie, the plumbers, 3 different plumbers all said their workers have gone off for the new year.

Nobody wants to take the job!

CLOSE JOB. 收工了! ,after they view the leakage.

The pipings and damage are all concealed under the tiles, in the floor, with no way to repair. They have to HACK THE WHOLE PANTRY DOWN to repair the leak!

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