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The sky is bucketing like never before!!!!! Just 5 more late mins, I would be thrown buckets and buckets of water by the sky, just like facebook…


Last evening, the moment I reached home I collapse on the bed and sleep till 930pm… imagine I left work pretty early. At luncheon, already I lost my appetite even though how cheng cheng the soup was and SINCE I skipped dinner, the AK followed me skipped till I woke up and went for a light porridge at 156.. I shared a bowl with the AK.. And of course, we didn’t idle too long over at the coffeeshop, talk a bit cock with the friends there and tried to get to bed after we played with the computer…

the air outside is not safe..,, please do not leave the building….”” the annoucement over the speaker in our office at 1002am just this morning, when we were doing the work.

It’s the IPP test from the building when we are all required to hide in a room, and seal all openings with a masking tape to avoid the outside air from flowing coming in.

So all slowly walked to the room, very the slowly…

And the 2 wardens took 2 small tapes to seal the openings of the door… real emergency we all died liao.

many many holes for the nuclear gas to flow in

all taking a breather from work… IPP is an excuse!

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