• Serena Tan


I Doubt have any chance in any min tomorrow to post any entries, so quickly a quick note before the nap. Be gone for almost ALMOST a week , thus, bye for now first. Work was overwhelmed today, I was so boiled down by the reports and budget figures, heaviness pressing on my head, and soon, it was too much to bear mentally and physically, I left the office before finishing. Tomorrow to be continued before the Thursday meeting. No dinner for tonight and heading for my bed… Sometimes,, we don’t want the things when we say it, but inside you know, it probably is. Or maybe, its uncertain. Who knows the truth? We only asked God for directions. That’s why people indirectly direct themselves to an IDOL inside, an idol to worship like 4 faced Buddha, the Lord, to pour and seek their prayers, hoping an answer will emerge. Bye for now..

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