• Serena Tan

A Dinner from Agnes

AGNES bought me dinner last week day after work at Paradise Dynasty at Ion.

As mountain tortise i was, previously i saw the ‘xiao long bao’ of different colours at Helen’s bloggie and wondered what was that. To think, i had the privillage to actually view it live, in Paradise Dynasty at Ion.

I was lead by Agnes of course, to this place through many obstacles from the train station.

Of course, we ended up didn’t order the colourful xiao long baos, because firstly, its only me and Agnes, secondly, i don’t eat Pork.

and seeing the craving at Agnes face, initally i relented to ordering the 8 colourfuls ‘xiao long baos”’ but she insisted each person had to have 4 pork buns each.. i so hesitated until we didnt order. but it was good, because after that she ordered so many dishes, and we were full full brimly FuLL after that.

Our orders for the 2 of usToo Spicy for us leyFried chicken was nice

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