• Serena Tan

A dream of suicide

Suicidal dreams are really weird. Basically dreams are weird. Especially when you stand witnessing others committing suicide in front of you, which I did just this morning hours in my dream.

I didn’t recall it until the morning I reached office and just what the world was it about.

In summary:

I was at the front building a four storey high building when this boy jumped to his death and of course came the policemen and women. His mother came along later and wanted to end her life too when she learn about her young son that had jumped to his death.

What was I doing at the scene? Nothing, just walking about, and trying not to step on the scene of accident. Dreams are nonsensical, in a while, I think I witnessed some others in different corners of the 4 storey building trying to end their lives as well. I was in the either 2nd storey or something trying to find my way somewhere. .. in some spilt second of typing I remembered the ending of my dreams….. which is too profound to note it down anywhere.

Of course I didn’t think much of it, but scientifically, I just wanted to see what the interpretation read my dreams meant about myself. HEHE SEE what it says about what i have dreamt..

SUICIDE : Suicide in dreams is a very scarey symbol for many people as they may see the dream as a possible premonition. It may indeed symbolise how you feel like you have come to the end of the road and are totally wanting to end your life. However, it is more likely to mean that you have given up on some project or relationship and no longer wish to try anymore.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you) – Did you do something totally irresponsible or dangerous yesterday – Was something bound to end in failure? – Have you just given up with some task or relationship? – Do you feel very unhappy at present? – Are you trying to fight against depressive illnesses? – Does life seem to lack purpose right now?

then again these logics i found are based on self suicidal interpretion. .. about the same i should think..

so.. its a negative piece of post, but just noting down my dreams. tsk tsk hehe.

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