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A little Chat Bet on Helen

when we couldn’t find the photos that Helen has taken on our gathering Friday evening for steamboat makaning, i decided to buzz Yvonne and see if she has grabbed from elsewhere. But we couldn’t locate the photos still (steel), so while waiting for the photos to be posted, we had a little chat. That turns out to be a bet if Helen would reply to my bloggie chat first or POST ONLINE on her bloggie first.

So i took reply to chat, while Yvonne chosed POST ONLINE first. the loser was to buy a CHEAP RED WINE on our christmas gathering (to be arranged). however,

if Helen does MSN us first, then HELEN has to buy us the WINE!

Yvonne says: duno leh.. i also finding serena says: tsk tsk serena says: how you find Yvonne says: her blog dun hav Yvonne says: facebook also dun hav serena says: tsktsk serena says: useless she Yvonne says: mayb she doing touch up for hersf serena says:

Yvonne says: cos she say her face oily ma Yvonne says: hehe serena says: serena says: sent her pig

Yvonne says: pig ?

Serena says: Pig head and hang at her door Yvonne says: now is stingray liao

serena says: serena says: ISIT

Yvonne says: ya.. pig out liao hehe Yvonne says: early mornin she got log in leh Yvonne says: but b4 i can msn her, she log out liao

serena says: she afraid of stingray is it serena says:

Yvonne says: she busy la.. serena says: sent her a pig serena says: i sent her a pig to her blog

Yvonne says: how to send Yvonne says: i wanna send her stingray

serena says: why stingray

Yvonne says: cos now loansharks hang stingray at door Yvonne says: no more pig head ma

serena says: are u sure serena says: dun bluff me

Yvonne says: realy la Yvonne says: serena says: serena says: since when

Yvonne says: quite some time liao serena says: stingray still can keep and cook wor Yvonne says: realy!! i saw it in some movies Yvonne says: mayb stingray easier to buy serena says: serena says: she read my chat serena says: i write in my chat then serena says:

Yvonne says: how to send her pig serena says: she tiam tiam LEFT FOTT KISS RIGHT FOOT serena says:

serena says: hemmm Yvonne says: ya la Yvonne says: somemore can post serena says: everyday serena says: left foot right foot h Yvonne says: left foot kiss rite foot she post Yvonne says: then our photo she keep serena says: i write liao serena says: i say first warning Yvonne says: izit i go see Yvonne says: whr u write Yvonne says: canot find leh serena says: i mean i wrote at my blog right column the chat section Yvonne says: ok.. i also comment liao hehe serena says: serena says: we quite nice to her liao serena says: warning Yvonne says: ya.. very gentle to her serena says: Yvonne says: wonder when then she wil response serena says: when she response i buz you then Yvonne says: ok.. Yvonne says: thk she wil msn both of us when she see serena says: ya Yvonne says: or rather she wil faster post t photos 1st hehe serena says: let bet serena says: lets bet serena says: post or msg us or reply to chat first Yvonne says: post 1st serena says: hemmm serena says: i say she reply to chat first

Yvonne says: she wil msn last after she post Yvonne says: possible..

serena says: BET WHAT

Yvonne says: but msn us wil be t last Yvonne says: hmm.. Yvonne says: wat u say

serena says: u post i reply caht serena says: chat

Yvonne says: bet wat

serena says: serena says: u say Yvonne says: but ususaly 1st reaction is to reply hor Yvonne says: hehe serena says: OOI Yvonne says: nvm.. who knows she post b4 she read ur blog Yvonne says:

serena says: upper then serena says: bet 1 mug beer Yvonne says: bet wat u say la serena says: boring right Yvonne says: hehe Yvonne says: u suggest u say ursf boring

serena says:

Yvonne says: who lose who buy a lamboghini give helen drink t nex time we meet for drink serena says: we meet for christmas finnenr serena says: he serena says: she kana Yvonne says: end of t day.. she kana Yvonne says:

Yvonne says: cos she started out bet ma Yvonne says: our bet Yvonne says: christmas Yvonne says: abit far rite Yvonne says: but can la.. Yvonne says: whr

serena says: chritmas dinner serena says: we gather for christmas dinner serena says: the loser buy a bottle cheap wine serena says:

Yvonne says: CHEAP wine.. y mus specify CHEAP Yvonne says: no prob

serena says: yes

Yvonne says: buy CHEAP wine nvm.. drink CHEAP wine

serena says: less than 80 serena says: dolalr la serena says: 30 dollar like that ok serena says:

Yvonne says: serena says: i i lose serena says: ON

Yvonne says: scaly she msn 1st serena says: then she buy la Yvonne says: ok Yvonne says: mus record tis conversation somewhr serena says: okok

Yvonne says: if not she say we cheat serena says: copy and paste serena says: i do it

Yvonne says: tel her abt t xmas dinner Yvonne says: outside or someone hse serena says: i copy liao

Yvonne says: me no hse now leh Yvonne says: OD

serena says: can blog this or not serena says:

Yvonne says: can

serena says: can i post in blog evidenat serena says: ok

Yvonne says: but she wil read rite serena says: ya. after she do the picture i blog this serena says: dinner to be advised

Yvonne says: ok..

serena says: ok buzz you when she do it serena says:

Yvonne says: buy stingray to t dinner Yvonne says: xmas stingray

serena says: serena says: ok

it turned out Helen reply to our school days album on FACEBOOK First!

yeah yeah Yvonne won!

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