• Serena Tan

A little Gathering!

We finally arranged to meet for a quick lunch on the Saturday over at Wheellock NYDC with the bride-to-be.. Adeline who will be going to Ausralia for a few months before coming back to Singapore for the wedding!

I was sooo tired,.. the night before, we had too much drinks, at 156 my aunties and Daddy and Aunty Jenny. We stayed till 3am, over only 2 bottles of Brandy, but I grew tired so easily and the liquor sent me a little higher than usual. So I wasn’t in the best chitty chatty mood during lunch and was so damn thirsty that I drank and drank the lemonade over at NYDC. The western food we ordered wasn’t that bad, at least it got me to an appetite!

Me & Adeline at NYDC WheelLock!

Winnie and Annie with her pretty little daughter Megan!

Think I am ULU ? i also say so!

Yeah never entered the Orchard Road since duno how many months, so after the lunch, the AK came and picked me up and had a slow drive down the Orchard road to view the decorations and updates on the changes in the shopping centres.

Without the lighting of course, it was noon time, not too bad of course, my ex colleagues mentioned that this year’s lightings was the white snowy theme , not too messy colours and were warmth!

this christmas tress along Orchard road caught our attention, tall huge and was very CHristmassy!

We went in hunting for some fresh LALAs at SHeng Shiong, but this weekend wasn’t in luck for it. The largest North Sheng Shiong had no stock, so the AK bought small little duckie eggs to prepare for Aunt Jenny’s Chinese Birthday for dinner. We rushed to another smaller Sheng Shiong hopping the LALAs might be available !


Ended up at AMK hub, NTUC..! then the AK saw a guy weighting 2 large packets of fresh LALAs and we were excited a little while only to realize that , that was the last 2 LALA’s left! The empty tank had balance 5 open died LALAs!

Not out luck this weekend, we bought frozen LALAs instead, flower crabs with AUNTY jenny’s present!

COCKLES at sheng shiong as well!

The dinner at 156.

Jenny with Specially made-red-duckie eggies by the AK!

The food the AK and Mummy prepared at home while i was dozzing away…

Frozen lalas, all peeled ready!

Flower crabs bought at NTUC…

Self took

the food was overly too much that its like a balloon that had too much air and its goign to burst any moment.. that is exactly how i felt last night.. and couldn’t drink as much anymore.. too filling!

cannot breathe!

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