• Serena Tan

A little prayer to GOD

When you feel so camped up with your problems and disappointments… When I find I am all out alone and no comfort and when I wanted to give up and I try to make deal with the naked emotions and strength of mine…

the other voice tells me a little prayer might do the trick that God is just waiting and might want to help. And that little prayer to ask God if He could help me over conquer my-self And maybe I just could give myself the another chance with the little prayer And that was Some consolation and a little hug from God…the direction..

On the other sad note……….

And the worst probably happened today at work early in the morning.. The Volcano erupted at the top of the mountain.. and the blur me was oblivious to the loud spillage until some colleagues notify me of the damage already done.. And my poor colleague had a bitter cry… The lava was hot! And we start to ponder why we letting the lava flow towards us… seems like a lost world here.. too

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