• Serena Tan

A little treat for the Birthday babies.

its was a lousy arrangment birthday treat, so – to – say, because i was tied up with my work and the timing was not fixed and for a while, it was late-into-the-night-supper, and finally we managed to meet, a little later than dinner, but over at near-the-place of mine, because it was just too much decisions to make at that hour.


I wanted to go near her place’s while she wanted to come near my place.

she won..

and Raelyn was so cute.. really.

it was good though, but it could have been better somewhere else.. i guess.

Hopefully i planned a proper one the next round.. geee

Raelyn and Mommi

Tucking in while the Mommi was dreaming.. LOOK at Mommi

quickly take more.. MOMMI still dreaming!

Devil spicy fish

mushroom chicken

Aim is the Ice Cream lor



isnt she just so adorable...........

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