• Serena Tan

A monotone Picture for the LIVING

Almost over a year into buying the housey, we finally settled in unpacked and a little more to tidying and cleaning more, would be swell already. Just a a little bit more tidy to the edges…

Last weekend, we settled most of the things, then we looked at our living. It was bared!

the walls were bared.

we need a nice picture a dull monotone picture to place in our hall. But we have no dull toned picture we got out to the city in search for a DULL monotone picture that fits in the Hall of ours.

one saturday around Singapore. Went to Budget shops, went to Galleries, went to “renovation” company (mislead). We saw none of it, some of it which were super PRICY, WAY off zillion our budget. so we left it BARED!

next Day we went to church invitation, Daniel approached ThiRak AK,

hey we wanna give you PICTURE.. for your housey for your housewarming……wot kind you looking @””””

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