• Serena Tan

A poem i came across

Sound depressing but with God in, what could be worst? My Dreams…..

I saw you in my dreams last night You were standing next to me And smiling as you held my hand The way it’s supposed to be We were laughing as we walked And then we stopped to kiss I awoke with my heart pounding I could no longer feel the bliss In a second I remembered That you’re no longer there My tears poured out instantly My heart melted in despair I held on to your picture And I stared down at your face I begged you to come back to me But you were gone without a trace I miss your arms around me How I’ve ached to feel your touch But you no longer want to have This love I feel so much I don’t know what you’re doing Or if you are missing me So I’ll just lay back down in bed And be with you in my dreams.

I’ll pack your things up in a box….

I’ll pack your things up in a box And today put you away. I won’t bother with a long goodbye Because there’s nothing left to say There are no arms to comfort me And there’s nothing to believe What I thought was love wasn’t Or else you wouldn’t leave. I’ve sat here and I’ve wondered Why it matters not to you I guess it really wasn’t love Or this would be something you can’t do. Just once I wish it was reversed That it was you who wanted me Because I know I’d change my mind If you were holding on to me. I’d tell you I can’t leave you, And if I go I need you to come But those aren’t the words you said to me It simply was “you aren’t the one”. You said I taught you how to love Well I’ve failed you if that’s true Because love isn’t something you can quit It’s something you can’t help but do. You say that this is best for us How on earth can I agree When the only thing I want Is you standing next to me. So now I know I was mistaken God how it hurts to know it’s true So I’ll pack your things up in the box With my love and dreams of you.

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