• Serena Tan

A small change in the office for me

and that’s me. as in next week onwards, i will have a new direct reporting manager, announced to me earlier this evening by my funny biggy boss.

And While he was trying to make the situation as cool as possible, i was quite peaceful and touched. And i was peaceful, i felt the peace BECAUSE i prayed alot too about this whole issue. And the Lord was /is/ always Good i know. I was hoping that in every areas that i Tramped on, i made sure that I whispered a prayer each movement i made to the LORD, to make sure i was okay. Then i know He doesn’t promise a smooth happy everyday, but i think i know that i have to be at peace inside, i know its He that had stood by me. and it was a cooling day, a cold day actually today in the lunch crowd where you don’t often get during the lunch crowd at Golden Shoe, getting the chills from the wind. That’s what me and Susan-san felt at Golden Shoe today having soupy stuff and YET, when the wind blows, it was cold wind. right at the heart of Golden shoe where PEOPLE SAY, so hot so hot, today so so cooling even eating the soupy stuff.

Reminds me of the time i was in London.. The weather is also unpredictable these days, oh yeah, and just right this morning, THIS stormy morning, when i arrived at Raffles, we have to cross a road for a mere short distance where there is no shelter. so I got my uncooled fold-able umbrella, that one that failed me numerous times, again and again, i got it out of my baggie and hoped it might shelter me from the storm for that JUST THAT SHORT distance. well, it did, just a second, when it decided to dance with the STORMY WIND AND BLOW UPWARDS, (had i let go, it would definately fly as well), so it blew upwards, with the metals sticks all POINTING UPWARDS! great, i told myself, in 3 seconds i ran to the building i worked, got my jeans a little damn, but it was only a short DISTANCE! imagine, if i was needing the umbrella shelter for a long distance with that storm. i reached office, i reached my workstation, dropped the umbrella RIGHT into the bin. ENOUGH!.

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