• Serena Tan

A week has pass….

Bass has been sleeping for exactly a week already. Last evening we went over to visit him, he had a slit cut across the throat to enable him to breathe properly and better. It was an awful, painful and hearbreaking sight. Nothing can describe the ache that we felt and feel at that point standing outside the glass “tank” watching him, as he continued to sleep, in pain and in deep hicupps. He moved his mouth and hands but never wake up. I dun understand, a coma patient able to move but still in deep coma. Is there still hope? He was having a 38.5 fever when we left. After the starhub in PS, we arrived late at coffeeshop. Still we drank till almost 1am. Every night it seems, everyone will be stationed around there, several many of us. …. in anticipation of hope.. at one of Bass’s favourite haunt.

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