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I must be getting old! I was going to post about the needles sticking in my body and i totally washed it off my mind, the moment i came home! darn!

Last noon, the Ak and I woke up darn later than we should and we scurried to Rick’s Wan Tan Mee! Surprisingly, despite that stupid appetite of mine recently, the wan tan mee still work the appetite. Gaga

Had a quick chat with Uncle Rick before we went to get poke by the needles. This was our third visit to the Acupuncturist!

Ak still had 3 needles sticking at his arm, while my left side Plus the weak leg of mine all received 6 needles.

I probably was getting quite used to it, but nevertheless, the injured body parts hurt a little though! Its amazing, the first visit I had, I received 6 needles as well. And before 5 mins, I felt so hot and breatheless and I thought, hemm, endure it until the physician kept mentioning to voice out, if we felt uncomfortable… so I didn’t last more than 5 mins for the 1st time.

Don’t know it in the long run if its going to help. Definitely hoped it will. Signs of walking to the grave!


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