• Serena Tan

Adeline leaving for Australia

Got a familiar numbered- call last evening when I was lazing in the room. The dear 10 years friend of mine, the ex-colleague that always stayed supportive of me, has decided to go for a pre-trial stay in Australia with her future-husband before permanently living there for good after her long awaited marriage.

That was nice.

And she wanted to meet before she goes for her pre-trial rendezvous stay..

And the last time we met was in suntec, when I had my courses for lunch…

And I was happy for her, in her years with me together, she was awaiting for a long-time partner as her years gotten along, and finally, the dear Adeline is about to be married to an Australian..

And what amazes me was, she gave up the job here, the corporate life in Singapore, insearch for her happiness after 10 years of search… to live at a foreign land, a land that she loved so much. So well!

i can’t wait to be at her wedding now…

gfs like her makes me at joy knowing she is happy.. yahoO!

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