• Serena Tan

Advertisment to Irritate you

Gatsby Deodorant Spray Takuya Kimura

If Takuya Kirmura is your idol, then I am sorry

But the recent 2 Gatsby advertisement with him endorsing the Gatsby hair gel and deodorant spray really call out insults and irritation that makes us piss off with Takuya Kirmura as well as the product Gatsby.

The recent deodorant spray show him spraying his nipples and chest and his expression, check his face, like he is having a hard time, the outcome of the spray seems to show on his face that its horrible having the deodorant landed on his body giving such an expression, or like his face expression like pai sai like that also!

No meaning. I thought I hated it , but eventually, feedback from the humans had the same irritation with the advertisment too.

Duno what Gatsby trying to message to the viewers!

This is one of the worst advertisements I ever seen! The actor sucks, the advertisement sucks, the producer of the advertisement sucks!

it sure did well to attract our IRRITATe-ness…

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