• Serena Tan

AK 47

I must have gone mad! Must be during shopping at Marina Square, AK pointed out the commando fully equipped toy and explained in detailed the equipments of a commandO that I dream of AK 47! I dreamt I was possessing this AK 47 and I was trying to gun to the sky outwards. I remembered the motion is : only after 5 blank shots, the 6 shots are real. Somehow the gun itself became so powerful it could move on its own until it could fire shots on ITS own!

It was pretty scary in the dream because you never know when the Ak 47 itself will turn to you and fire a shot at you.

Ak’s remedy: we had to hide it in the water to calm it down.

The so called AK 47 was a elongated gun and it was all black in colour. See if my dreams of the object is correct.. kind of though…..

Stupid dream. As so tense and worried… in the dream instead of relaxing… wow liew

this was exactly what i had in the dream except it was all in bLACK!

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