• Serena Tan

AK Advance Birthday & Our 1st Marriage Anniversary

Darling Darling’s AK Birthday celebration cum our 1st year Marriage Anniversary at King’s Connection Lounge. Small celebration with family.

special dish from Tien Court cooked by Ho Tian Chye.

Tian Chye cooked liao, and tabao down to Connection for us for

ThiRak AK and joined us for drinking.

cod Fish and Spicy Mushroomy

Tian Chye and Molly Mum

BD Boy With Tian Chye

the family


albert florence

larry & Godson

checked it out. Getting 4d numbers from bd Boy Thirak

Dun Blink

florence albert

the 2 gd buddies alfred

alice alfred

tiger godpa & molly mum

st & wifey

god daughter YENG

partners buddies boon

godson the boon family

with his beloved godson

and his beloved darling darling

cakey by wilson kang, the manager of connection


parents in law of thirak

the family of thirak

kai ma

tiger godpa

cut cake liao



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