• Serena Tan

AK at Day Surgery

Finally it was today.

And getting closer answers to some of his low hamogobin and tiredness soon, I hope.

But before that, there were some scope-pies and improtu minor surgery.

But it took longer and more painful than he expected.  Sometimes, I guess he still thought he was in his twenties leh.. lol.

Daddy fetched us to the hospital this morning.

There I was with Thirak, feeling totally at ease. The staff and nurses were so connected to you, you would feel so at ease and comfortable at their hands.

The nurses were so filled with love, they didnt made us feel any distance away. They made me feel ashamed …. their concern , patience and love towards their patients, I didn’t think I was capable of showing that to strangers.

Even if it was their job or trained mannered, I must say they did it totally excellent, because I never had a moment, felt that they were acting out their concern and care. They made us feel totally comfortable and I wondered if I was any where near their attitudes…

Aiyo, there was Thirak just awoke from his general anaesthetic moments, talking deliriously and wanting to go home or have coffee or urine,  they were so patient in his moments too.

Having said that, you noticed the wsy they communicate with themselves, so well mannered jokingly and so respected among themselves. That was really them, with or without strangers.

We came back right during the peak hours and Ak was totally exhausted and tired..

I cant guess the pain Thirak had but it seems painy enough for a high threshold man. So lots of sleep and rest for next few days…



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