• Serena Tan

AK got a Fright!

And then because the movie was in the late evening, we settled our dinner at the coffeeshop near the theatre.

just like not enough, we tabao 10 more duck wings, for supper, not intending to go 156.

We had our supper at 12am, maken hotter by the AK, after our nap blurish! it was too much to handle, but the WINGS are so soft, the sauce is just right, i think i can have it everyday! yummy!

Then I remembered, back to the movie, in that tense moments, of errie and ghostly movie, a lady a seat behind us walked past to the loo!

The AK was so indulge in the movie, didn’t notice the lady, it just so happen the lady was standing right behind the AK’s seat and the AK just had to that moment bend his head backwards! Did he had a fright!

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