• Serena Tan

AK got ripped off steak price of S$38…

We slept an entire 2 hours after dinner last evening.

Oh oh before that happens, i was craving for Ban mee and darling took me to Yishun when Botak was. Yes we had botak just 2 days ago and the steak craving urge was so strong, darling AK had another steak. The young botak workers recommended the VERY DAMN GOOD steak to him and he instantly saliva!

too bad, he didnt asked the price S$38.50 for a Special botak steak, almost simliar of what 4 of us took 2 days ago, botak sirlion at S$12.80 each

Must be damn good then, we thought. Yeah it was really really good, but think again, the S$12.80 botak steak was just as good. so… we would rather get the normal botak steak at a cheaper rate. coffeeshop for S$38.50, a plate of special botak steak!

well, at least we tried.

and then i forgot what i wanted to blog about the entire 2 hours sleep liao!


oh yes i saw the header!

Right The stuff dog is back. we slept an entire 2 whole hours and my mother brought home the Tau Tao Gao, left him at the main room seat and he was left alone outside the main hall the whole evening..

Until i awoke, screamed for joy and he was as WHITE as ever!

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