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AK’s Mother’s Birthday Dinner…

Yesterday was AK”s Mum’s birthday, my MIL birthday of course, and we makan at this ‘chi char’ AK wanted to try because he heard it was good.

And it was really not bad!

the food was a little different to taste from what we normally eat at Chi Char, and i think i will go back to this ‘chi char’ to makan.

We had the whole family in celebrate of Momma’s birthday…  and we had a great time.

From Reminiscing some childhood dayz and trying to feed the little ones, playing with Vincent’s daughter and Ahhong’s Nicolas.

Nicolas was quiet at first to active in the end, as usualLittle Girl was also quiet at first to active in the end.... cute

Little Girl was also quiet at first to active in the end.... cute

And then we had the mother talking and talking

But only to snap eyes-closed shot

 And then we have our dinner makan.

the Birthday NOodle... Its very tasty


Assorted seadfood claypot



Vincent & Family!

 We had a good time gathering and chatting and makaning.

We would have stayed longer, but the coffeshop was totally packed, and noisy..

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