• Serena Tan

All on Sick Leave

The computer at home has failed to function, as a result, the owner is plagued with disappointment, anger and sadness. No internet = no life. It seems.

Last day, when I called on sick leave and was on the bed, I heard the sound of the keys and thought it was probably my dad who came back as he was already sick the day before.

But the person was my mom. She had fallen ill too and soon after, the Dad during the work time, went to the doctor as he had gotten worst, and was given sick leave too.

3 of us at home, on sick leave. All spontaneously, with no arrangement off hand!

The AK came back after his meeting to company the “sick”, unwell Tan family.. I practically slept the whole day after failing to revive the darn computer.

Meanwhile:- The 156 has became like a 2nd home to us, with tiny minor internal harmonic personal issues and sometimes, outside the family issues to witness and be very afraid. I guess I get to sit longer if we are there during the weekends..

back to the word mc:

“” halo i am on mc today…””

means ? halo i am on “”medical certificate””” today?

some kind of a phrase isn’t it, using a shortform without the proper comprehension.

thought i said this before, shouldn’t it be

“”i am on medical leave… i have a medical certificate….. “”


so it should be


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