• Serena Tan

Amazing Food Trail

We were at the Food Trail at the Flyers,.. recently, during the last weekend, and the sight we saw, was way back to the olden olden dayz, probably it went back furthur to my parents’ and aunty’s time

It was so authetic looking and back to the olden dayzz that we snap almost every inch and every corner of the props and scenes that we havent seen a long long time … that made us felt we need to capture in our iphones.

@ the hawker ..Our Makan we had at the hawker Food Trail

@ the hawkerThis oyster omettele is good

And we start our trail of Photos snapping

This Bird Nest sign ...Photos Trail

Dad's Loudspeaker

The curtain....

the Frames

everyone's loves

Ak with the kachang puteh man

Jukey BoxSome's loves again

Reminds me of some people's house

More photos here May 2011

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