• Serena Tan

Ang Mo’s mentality of Singapore

When we had the IT Man, Nigel came over last week from London, (not his first time) and we brought him to Thai Lunch, we were chatting about :-

The people’s mentality of Singapore. Especially Bermuda.

They had all sort of questions posed to Esther and Nigel. Posed to nigel were something like :- – can u see the building straight away. After all, there’s only one tall building or not. – how good is the building. Is it old dented and shaky sort of thingy? – to esther: – – How’s the electricity at night in the building. Do we need candles?? How often it breaks down? –

from the others;_

– singapore is which part of china?

– those malays in singapore is from MALAYSIA is it.

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