• Serena Tan

Another Quick to select option

And so I printed the work , a few copies on the coloured printer and walked over to collect my printouts at the printer on the other end of the office premises, and the printer tray was empty.

The printouts didn’t seem to surface, leh, , and I asked around if anyone took my printouts. Nobody did.

“ where did I print it to? “’ I wondered silently.

Walked back to my station and check the printer selection on my pc.

‘oh I have selected a wrong coloured printer..” I had selected “ main coloured printer…”

I wondered where was that “Main Coloured Printer..” . I thought it was probably based in Europe (our HO)  since it said “Main..”

“ I think I printed to Europe.. “ I told Irene. I selected main coloured printer..I told her.

then Irene told me :” main coloured printer is XXX ‘s printer..”

its our Boss’s printer, in the room.

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